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Final press-conference


Idein Development Foundation and its partner, the Association for Sustainable Development Slatina, Olt, Romania, announced at a closing press conference in Ruse, that they have successfully completed a joint project called "Angling Along the Danube: Danube fishing routes ”, № ROBG-348, financed under the INTERREG V-A Romania - Bulgaria 2014-2020 program.

The unusual briefing turned into an interesting pre-Christmas event and a useful discussion, which was attended by 22 anglers. They commented on curious details of the implementation of the 18-month efforts of the partners, who created new tourism products for sustainable and safe use of the natural heritage and for the careful development of natural resources in the Danube region.

After serious research and social drilling, the foundations of a promising program related to the development of recreational fishing were laid. A marketing strategy for their more effective promotion has been developed for the two tourist products - the Interactive Platform “Danube Fishing Routes” and the Bulgarian-Romanian Festival “Angling Along the Danube”; New approaches (strategies) have been selected for awareness of the benefits of recreational fishing, as well as its social and economic projections in the cross-border Bulgarian-Romanian region. An important result of the activities is the increased eco-culture and the responsibility for nature protection on both sides of the Danube.

In addition to the tourist products, the interactive GIS based platform is already working, with a mobile application, which provides the most useful information and maps for the best and most popular fishing spots, both from the shore and by boat, in the cross-border region.

The product is easily accessible and has intuitive flexibility, and in just a few minutes the participants in the briefing were able to visualize and map new fishing spots. The main idea is to develop the platform only through author's information and photos, as the array is constantly supplemented and enlarged. Mr. Cristi Dinca, a representative of the Association for Sustainable Development - Slatina, shared useful information about the requirements of the Romanian border police, the prices of fishing permits - where and how to buy, what are the fees for the various places visited by fishermen in Romania.

The participants proposed to add a section "Competitions" to the platform - with up-to-date information about the calendar of the fishing competition on both sides of the Danube. Currently, such information is exchanged / found only on the comments page.

Fishermen from Ruse said it was becoming increasingly difficult to protect Lake Lipnik from poachers by sharing true stories but also good social practices.

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