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Idein Development Foundation was established in 2015 and brings together professionals with extensive experience in the field of regional planning and development and the management of EU funds, including cross-border cooperation.
The team of experts consists of experienced project managers, communication specialists, economists and analysts.

Idein Development Foundation supports the training and realization of adult and young people in priority sectors, including those related to the development and implementation of innovations, including through international exchange. The team works to promote employment, training and skills of the workforce and seeks to establish sustainable contacts and cooperation with national and international organizations and institutions working in the field of regional development, education, innovation and smart specialization.

Among the goals of the Foundation are the promotion of interaction between the structures of civil society and the administration at the central and local level for the implementation of effective policies, quality service to citizens and businesses and the creation of conditions for sustainable economic growth, i.e. as well as support to the competent national, regional and municipal bodies in formulating policies for national, regional and local development, incl. in a cross-border and transnational context.

The organization also supports the development and implementation of innovations in management and/or business, incl. new technological solutions, products and services; initiates the implementation of applied research, studies, programs and projects in the field of new technologies and technological development, incl. Internet of Things and Living Labs.

Assists in carrying out sectoral studies, analyzes and assessments in support of the state, regional and local administration, as well as businesses, for the implementation of public-private partnerships in various spheres; supports the training and practice of state bodies, local self-government bodies and local administration, business representatives, incl. start-ups in the introduction and use of modern and innovative technologies.


We develop ideas into solutions.

The Foundation's mission is to turn ideas into solutions and actions. We work to support women, adult and young people to find their place and thrive in the labor market by inventing and implementing new models based on technology and innovation. Relying on well-structured partnerships and international cooperation, we strive to support both local and regional development and work for the well-being and sustainability of the population.
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