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Cooperation for thriving elder academy
The TEAM project main objective is to establish a small transnational cooperation partnership addressing common needs and priorities in the field of Adults that will work to support elders to face the digital challenge of the new work and life environment imposed by COVID-19 crisis. This will be achieved through exchange of experience and good practices for development of online gamified online trainings related to digital skills and readiness, resilience and capacity of 55+ adults and elders.
The activities that will be implemented include:
1. Cooperation for development of gamified learning content and online training modules
2. Development of an online training for adults and a set of guidelines for their employers
3. Project management
Through the project the partnership will build capacity for transnational cooperation in the field of Adults and increase the quality of partnering organisations’ work.
The project implementation will include (results):
- at least 10 networking online meetings for exchange of experience and good practice,
- a set of gamified online training courses developed and uploaded for free access;
- 20 adults undergone the pilot online training and improved their digital skills and competences;
- dissemination materials developed and distributed.
Project Coordinator
Idein Development Foundation

Project Information
Start date: Nov 1, 2021
End date: Oct 31, 2023
Budget: 60,000 EUR
Ijsfontein Holding bv (NL)
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