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Tools for well-being at school for children, teachers, and families
The project aims to establish a transnational partnership addressing common needs and priorities in the field of School education related to the improvement of well-being and mental health of children. This will be achieved by equipping teachers and parents with tools and techniques to better play their crucial role in the kids’ safe journey through school-age to adulthood. The project also promotes social inclusion by targeting people with fewer opportunities, living in rural and remote areas.

A1 Design the mindful meditation program (MMP) in co-creation with teachers, children, parents;
A 2 Piloting with the target groups;
A 3 Development of a platform and uploading the guided MM practices and mindful games, together with instructions and recommendations for teachers and parents;
A 4 Widely promote the MM practices for children through a targeted and diverse dissemination campaign;
A 5 Project management.

Project outcomes:
1. Increased quality in the work of 3 organizations, active in the field of School education and their capacity built to work transnationally to address the well-being and mental health needs of children.
2. Exchanged experience for the development of innovative methods for supporting teachers and parents to help school-aged children grow healthier, happier, and more resilient.
3. Increased access of people with fewer opportunities to the Program.
Project Coordinator
Idein Development Foundation

Project Information
Start date - Jan 1, 2023
End date - Jun 30, 2024
Funding: 60,000 EUR

Associação Escola das Emoções (PT) , Yundola Social Systems (BG)
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