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A press conference was held on the JobEase for women project

Today, 28.06.2017, Idein Development Foundation as the leading beneficiary presented a cross-border project "JobEase for women - enhancing unemployed women’s potential to find a job within the CBC RO-BG region", project code:

The project is financed under the program INTERREG V-A Romania - Bulgaria 2014-2020. The project partner is "Association for Sustainable Development Slatina", Romania. The value of the project is EUR 312,937.17, of which EUR 265,996.59 ERDF representing 85%, from national co-financing EUR 40,681.84 representing 13% and partners' contribution EUR 6,258.74 representing 2%.

The press conference started at 13:00 and was held in the "Vega" hall, Hotel Vega, Ruse.

The press conference was attended by the project team from the "Idein Development" Foundation, journalists from representative Ruse media - BNT, TV Delta, VK Bryag, Ruseinfo and representatives of various public institutions - Labor Bureau, Regional Employment Service, Regional Directorate for " Social assistance" and others.

Mrs. Katerina Kutincheva, in her capacity as manager of the "Idein Development" Foundation and Project Manager, presented information on the goals, activities, financing and expected results of the project.

The project undertakes to study and sustainably change attitudes towards one of the main territorial challenges in the field of employment in the cross-border region - the low activity of women. The aim is to facilitate the access of unemployed women to the labor market by improving their skills and knowledge to find work. Specialists and teams in Rousse and in Slatina, Romania will develop and propose a mechanism for a better match between job supply and demand by providing relevant information on the labor market, on career counseling and employment services relevant to the target group of the project.

The representatives of the institutions gave their consent for cooperation in the implementation of the project, in order to achieve and implement the final results.

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